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October 2018 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThe weather was more fall-ish than it has been in a long, long time, but it did get just a bit warm in the Sun. That didn’t stop the 40 shooters who came out today from enjoying the six stages of sheer joy that we put together. OK, it wasn’t that joyous for everyone, but with Nationals starting next Saturday, the nine competitors from today’s match going to Nationals got some final match level practice in. Nationals is hard, period. Today, we had some stages that were even tougher than planned, so it worked out. We now have this week to practice on those weaknesses.

There was lots of hard cover and no-shoots all over the place. Only one stage had wide open targets with no danger (other than the ever present Mike), other than going too fast. Two shooters managed to have just one Mike for the whole match, while the rest of us kept going ka-ching! all over the place. There were even a few comments along the lines of this being our toughest match ever! Maybe so, but it didn’t start out to be that way. Sometimes, you set up a stage and think, “this won’t be too bad” but you end up wrong, dead wrong. I was told stage 6 should have been named “Thanks A LOT!”

When all the crying was done, there was a winner*. The overall winner* and Open title* goes to Roger Henn*. In second overall, we find his father, Gerwin Henn, who also took Limited with a very consistent performance. The PCC win went to Neil Drennan, with Blayne Dupuy taking the Carry Optics top spot. Big brother Bryce won Production easily, while Chris Brown cruised to the win in Single Stack.

*If you are wondering what’s up with all the asterisks for Roger, well, you just had to be there. See, on stage 2, Roger starts out by shooting the left hand only part of the string with his right hand pressing on the wall for support. We all saw it and are counting, 1, 2, 3… Six procedures, right? Fortunately for him, the scorekeeper neglected to record the time for the first string so he ended up with a reshoot. He learned his lesson and shot the second time without the illegal support. Needless to say, that run was a higher hit factor than the first. So, in reality, Gerwin was the match winner, now that you know the rest of the story. However, the rules don’t allow us to carry the mistakes over to the reshoot, so Roger gets the win on paper (or computer, as the case may be).

This match was built with the help of three of our regulars who were able to come out on Friday and help me design and build the stages. A special thanks to Bill Mahley, Karen Hooper and Charles Osbon. Without their help, I would probably have been there until dark. Additionally, thank you to everyone for getting everything torn down and ready for loading up. And, as always, thank to so much for the support from everyone who was able to shoot with us today. We had quite a few first-time-in-Poplarville shooters, and I hope this was a favorable first impression for them. Thanks for trying us out and we hope to see you again in the future.

One final note is in order. Next month, our regularly scheduled match is on November 11th. That happens to coincide with the Gator Classic in Louisiana. A significant number of our regulars will be shooting the Gator (including me), so I will either move the match to the 3rd Sunday, OR just cancel it. I haven’t made that decision yet, but I am positive it will NOT occur on Nov. 11. We’ll post in all the usual places well ahead of time, but please do not show up on that day in Poplarville hoping to shoot, unless you are there just for practice. Check this web site and our Facebook page for details when we make a final decision.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right.

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