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September 2018 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionEven a “hurricane” earlier in the week couldn’t kill this match and we shot under fair skies and on a dry range. While it was warm (hot, maybe?), there was a breeze most of the morning and it really wasn’t too bad, weather-wise. A total of 44 shooters made it out to be challenged by 5 tough stages, and most found it deceptively difficult. Nothing looked too hard at first glance, but there were only 3 shooters with a no Mike or No-shoot day so that pretty much says it all.

Probably the worst peril we faced today was not the weather, but the love bugs. It’s that time of year again and they were EVERYWHERE! Hopefully, no one inhaled a mating pair while shooting.

OK, so let’s get to the scores. That’s what we all want to know. Since it was John Nguyen’s birthday yesterday, he took the day off today and that left some room at the top for a new face. The overall winner for today came from the Limited ranks, and not the usual Open division. Congratulations to Gerwin Henn who shot a great match, and while he wasn’t error-free, he was faster than anyone. He won Limited by over 8% and the Overall title by a little more than 7% over Max Michel, Sr. who was first in Open division. In the Carry Optics division, it was Trey Nicholson with the win. Single Stack was won by Karen Hooper. And finally, Production went to Chris Lewis and PCC to Neil Drennan. Today’s stages presented challenges ranging from lots of quick movement to shooting under a wall with a reload thrown in for good luck from a most awkward “stance”. Find somebody’s videos for a recap of what we shot.

Thank you to everyone for coming out today. It was a great turnout and the highest in 2018, at least so far. We also appreciate the help in getting the stages torn down and picked up. Thank you to the new shooters and to the regulars who continue to support our club.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right. Kindle Practiscore








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