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June Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match Results

Well, we finally got June’s match in the books.  Thirty-three heat-resistant competitors came out for a great match while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of a natural sauna, courtesy of June in South Mississippi.  Once again, Justin Green came through with great stages that challenged and pleased everyone.  We had outstanding help in set up, but especially with take down.  Many of you took down not just your last stage, but stayed to help with the others as well.  Outstanding!  On to the match results.John Nguyen had a strong showing today, taking number one overall and number one in Open, as well as number three overall and number one in PCC.  Roger Henn gave him a good fight for the for the top spots overall and in Open, coming in behind him by just under 4%.  David Pape was number 1 in Limited and 4th overall, with Phillip Sexton rounding out the top 5 overall.  Corey Mitchell was the undisputed winner in Carry Optics, finishing nearly 40% ahead of the next competitor.  Chris Brown had a good day and took first place in Production, while Robert Campbell was the clear winner in Single Stack.  Full results can be found on Practiscore and at USPSA.

For those that received an email from me last night about your USPSA membership being expired, all your scores uploaded fine.  I don’t know what the issue was, but it appears to have been a non-event.

Looking forward, we are planning to have an all classifier match in August, so mark your calendars.  We generally have six classifiers at that match and it provides an outstanding opportunity to get classified in a new division in one day or just to provide multiple opportunities to move up in your existing classification.

See you on July 21st for the next Brothers N Arms USPSA match!

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