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March 2018 Poplarville *AFTERNOON* pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThe streak of bad weather luck was broken this past Thursday afternoon, when a couple of the retired folks decided to shoot an afternoon match at the Poplarville range. Stages set up for the regular match that was rained out earlier in the month were used. What started out as just a couple of guys going out to practice turned into a decent size full-on USPSA pistol match.

With almost no advance notice, we managed to get 29 people out on a Thursday afternoon to do a little shooting. Thanks to social media, the word spread quickly. For those of you who didn’t hear about it, we apologize. It didn’t start out to be such a big deal, but we found out that when given the opportunity, most people will pick shooting a match over working! Several competitors even shot multiple divisions.

By allowing folks to start shooting whenever they arrived, it let some people who still work for a living leave work a little early and enjoy some of the nicest weather we have seen in years at the range. The first shooters started at 2 PM, and the last shooter didn’t finish until a bit after 6 PM. But it worked out just fine for everyone.

Even though this was just for fun, the competitive juices were still flowing. In the end, it was John Nguyen taking the overall win and also Open division. Steve Tannetta won Limited, while Blayne Dupuy took Carry Optics. Bryce Dupuy won Production, John Nguyen (yep, same John) took the PCC honors, and Rob Campbell rounded out the podium with his Single Stack win. The highlight of the match was Steve’s classifier run. Shooting Pucker Factor (09-04), he ran it so quickly, we had to check the timer to make sure all shots were captured. If classifier scores weren’t capped at 100%, Steve would have shot a 135% score. It was that good. Unfortunately, no one got it on video. But this was what he was looking for and it will move him into Master class. Congratulations, Steve!

Thanks to everyone who came to shoot and those that were able to help set up and tear down. The response was so good we will try to do this again, next time with a bit more notification.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right. Kindle Practiscore








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