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February 2018 GC3G 3-Gun match at MCTA

It was a far cry from last month, when rain disturbed the bays ahead of time and threatened to wash the match away all morning. Today was a pleasant, if not unseasonably warm, South Mississippi WINTER day. With no threat of rain, the stage designers cut loose this month and turned it up to 11 (or whatever the shooting equivalent of 11 is). With only three stages to contend with, it made for a challenging but manageable day from a time standpoint. For just the second match for the Gulf Coast 3 Gun club, things are looking pretty good. There are still a few details to work on, but they’ll get there.

The match offered a plethora of different divisions to entice virtually any shooter and the stage difficulty was just about right. The distances stepped out considerably from the first match (last month) and required some rifle shots out to 80 yards or greater with the hindrance of a barricade with small shooting ports to just make it not too easy. There were required reloads that managed to trip up more than a few shooters, and dirt colored steel targets for the shotgun that blended in with the terrain. Such is the life of a 3-gun shooter…

When the smoke cleared, there were a few clear winners. Jeremy Comardelle walked away with the PCC title, and Trevor Lee cruised to an easy win in Factory division and was also first overall for those shooting all three guns. In the Practical division (the most popular division today), Hank Coates took the gold (sorry, too much Olympics watching) while Brady Jordan won the Two-Gun division. In the Unlimited division, John Nguyen eked out a win over David Rogers, but when you just look at the divisions by themselves, David actually beat John (and he was ecstatic about that!).  And, last but not least, Chad Raffo took the Rimfire division. If you are checking out the scores (click here), remember the PCC and Two-Gun shooters didn’t have to engage the steel shotgun targets and were able to save significant time on 2 of the 3 stages. This is not to take anything away from Jeremy’s win, but with no shotgun and much easier stage plans, the PCC scores tended to skew the rest of the scores when looking at the match in Overall results.

Thank you to everyone for coming out today and supporting the club. Look for things to be even better next month!

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