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February Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match Results

I’ll have to look back to make sure, but I do believe we set an attendance record at yesterday’s match!  At one point, we had 78 shooters registered.  Once hammers fell at 9:00, we had 66 competitors take to the field on what turned out to one of the nicest days we have had around here in awhile.  While the classifier, Take Your Choice, appeared quite simple and straightforward, the combination of a barricade and a reload proved to be more challenging than many expected.  Five squads worked their way through the other five challenging stages designed and built by our very own Justin Green, one of the owners of the Brothers N Arms Range.  Thanks for the great work, Justin, I’ve had a lot of positive comments!

We had a great turn out from new shooters and were very pleased to have them.  One reminder, though.  If you were a new shooter and did not have your USPSA member number in time for the match yesterday, you will need to send it to me once you do have it.  I can then re-submit the scores to USPSA so that yesterday’s classifier will count towards your classification.

At the end of the day one shooter stood above the rest both overall and in the Open division.A 5%+ margin made Bryan Tullos our top competitor by a decent a margin.  David Pape had a pretty good day as well, besting the other three Open class shooters in the top five to take second overall and the number one spot in Limited.  Blayne Dupuy continues to impress, winning Carry Optics by an almost 20% margin. PCC saw a very close run between Bill Ogletree and Roger Follette, but Bill prevailed by a scant .605%.  The Production division saw the tightest winning margin of the day by far, however.  Corey Mitchell and Bryce Dupuy slugged it out, with Corey barely edging out Bryce by only .132%.  Last but certainly not least, William Davenport continued his winning streak in the Single Stack division.  I believe this makes three matches in row!  Full scores can be found on both Practiscore  and at USPSA.org.

A huge thanks to everyone for the great help we had with teardown, it was done quickly and efficiently.  A specific thanks to Neil Drennan and Paul Paxton for turning out early Saturday morning to help with final setup.  It’s easy to forget that our sport depends entirely on folks like Neil and Paul.  If you’re a local shooter and enjoy our matches each month, you’re help when your schedule permits would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. mosher
    February 19, 2018 at 12:16 AM

    Attaboy Neil and Paul

  2. Trey Nicholson
    February 19, 2018 at 6:40 PM

    Had a great time, as always. Thanks again to Neil, Paul and the Greens for making it all possible.

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