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2018 Nationals Slots Availability (Update 3)

UPDATED: Feb. 9, 2018:

The Mississippi Section slots were received this morning. Here is a brief summary of the slots awarded vs. requested.

Divisions Awarded Requested Breakdown
Open, CO, PCC 4 13 10 (Open)
3 (Carry Optics)
0 (PCC)
Production, Single Stack 4 6 4 (Production)
2 (Single Stack)
Limited, L10, Revolver 3 2 2 (Limited)
0 (L10)
0 (Revolver)

Once the registration period closes, the club presidents will vote on the shooters whom they think deserve a slot, if there are more requests than slots. Unfortunately, slots cannot be transferred between matches. However, if you don’t get a slot, you will likely still be able to get in the match, once open registration begins on June 1.  There is still time to request a slot, as well. The request period will close on Feb. 10 at 5 PM. If you want to register, just click the big Register Now button further down.


Jan. 9, 2018

Are you interested in shooting the 2018 USPSA Nationals? Are you ready to compete with the best in the sport? If so, you have the chance to shoot one of the toughest matches you’ll ever see. The 2018 USPSA Nationals will be held at the Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida on October 20-28. There will actually be three separate matches of three days each, with each match covering several divisions. For more information about this match, click here.

If you are interested in shooting this match, you will need to request a slot. A slot is your guaranteed ticket to the match, as long as you send in your money! To get a slot, you will need to request one. The Mississippi Section will be awarded a certain number of slots on February 1, and we hope there are enough to go around. If not, the presidents of the Mississippi clubs will use your 2017 local match participation, along with several other factors in determining who will get the available slots. To request a slot, go to this link after 7 AM on January 13th or click the big button below. Once the registration for slot requests opens, you can request a slot for your division of choice and provide the necessary information. Registration for slots will close on February 10 at 5 PM. When you register does not count for anything. Slots should be awarded by February 15 or so.

If you are awarded a slot, you must register with USPSA by May 15, or your slot will expire. If you request and then receive a slot, but later decide you can’t make it before, you should return the slot to us so it can be given to someone else.

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