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2-Gun match in Hattiesburg on Sunday, January 21

The Brothers-N-Arms club in Hattiesburg will be hosting a 2-gun match this Sunday at 2 PM. Here are some details.

  • Pistol and Rifle/PCC.
  • No major or minor, no divisions, just shoot what you got and be scored like everybody else.
  • 4 stages with 100 rounds of pistol and 100 rounds of rifle being more than adequate for your shooting needs.
  • Scoring will be done like 3-gun.

There is no online registration, but instead it will be done at the match. If you need any further information, contact Justin Green at 601-596-2927. There is a chance of rain Sunday afternoon, so if you plan to shoot check with him before making the drive to make sure the match is still on, if it looks like rain that day.


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