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March 2016 Poplarville 3-Gun match results


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Another fine weather day brought another fine match. This month, nineteen shooters tested their skills on the 3-gun field of battle and found that even a bad stage now and then isn’t too bad when you’re outside on such a nice day, going head to head for bragging right with your favorite shooting crew.

Four stages without the long range drama proved to the formula for the overall match winner, Jason Welch, who won the first Poplarville 3-gun match of his illustrious 3-gun career. While it seemed close, the margin was about 2 percent over second place Will Mullendore.

Your match staff wishes to thank the shooters for the help in getting everything taken down and loaded up on the trucks and trailers. We were able to be on our way home by 2 PM today.

If you enjoyed the match and stages today, please let us know. And if you didn’t like something, then definitely let us know. You can leave a comment here or put something on the thread on Bayou Shooter.

Next month (April) is membership renewal month for SMPSA. For just $35, your membership will get you a $5 reduction in match fees for both pistol and 3-gun matches and you help the club pay for the big expenses associated with bringing you quality matches each month.

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The match scores can be accessed by clicking the score computer to the right.



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