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February 2016 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

Today was a bit strange for the Swamp Eagles club. For the first time in about 20 years, we didn’t shoot at our home range. But the important things is, we did shoot somewhere. While the negotiations are still going on with the SMGA board, the match moved to the Poplarville, where the board is friendlier to action pistol shooting (the board being Wayne and Bill).

Although some of our regular shooters chose not to attend today’s match, they missed a good one. The weather was great, with very mild temperatures and overcast skies. Turnout was decent considering the relocation of the match. There were 30 shooters competing, but unfortunately, there were 2 trips to Dairy Queen today.

But there were also winners. The top spot on the podium was taken by Steve Lasavia, shooting in the Open division. It was close with the margin of victory only 6 match points (less than 1%) over Roger Henn. Limited was won by Gerwin Henn, Production by Bryant Willett, and Single Stack by Chris Brown. Big thanks go to Bob for NOT shooting L10 just so he could win his division!

We aren’t sure where next month’s match will be held. If Tom has not won the right to go back to the SMGA range, we’ll probably be back in Poplarville. However, we’ll keep everyone updated on any new developments, right here.

Finally, thanks go out to everyone who helped pick up today. We always appreciate the help.

For the match results, click the score computer at the right.

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