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February 2016 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThe gully. Two simple words that just don’t do it justice. In the summer, it’s unbearably hot, often inaccessible and avoided like the plague. In the winter though, it beckons us into its maw, swallowing brass, mags, and occasionally a gun or two. But the reward is sweet. Today, the pistol match returned to the gully for the first time in several years. Although we shot it last week for 3-gun, that was only with 11 shooters. Today’s complement of 32 shooters were put to the test. Some conquered it and others, well… let’s just say they got their money’s worth. It was forty rounds and a hundred yards of fun. If you haven’t shot it before, you are definitely missing an experience.


The rest of the match must have also been fun, because I had more compliments for the fun level than I can recall in recent memory. That makes all the hard work worth it!

Now, on to the results. This was a match that often favored the Open shooter.  The Open and Limited divisions had an almost equal number of shooters, and Open shooters finished 2 through 10, but the overall winner actually came from the Limited ranks. It wasn’t very close, either. The top spot overall today goes to Steven Sanders who won the Limited division, and in the process, whooped everyone else in all divisions by at least 11%. Steven actually had the fastest time on each of the five stages, but managed a no-shoot on one and was “only” third in hit factor there. He literally ran away with the match. The Open division was very close with Corey Yates squeaking by John Nguyen by slightly more than a half a match point (less than 0.1%). Those brave enough to shoot Production were rewarded with significant mag change practice. Hey, you were warned! Russ Smith did those mag changes the fastest and cruised to an easy win there.

As always, we had great help in tearing down the match and getting things picked up. You match staff really appreciates the help. Also, thanks go to the new shooters and to long lost friends who came back for a fun day at the range.

And finally, please read the special note on the home page about the Pearlington match moving (at least temporarily) to our range in Poplarville, starting next Sunday, February 21.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right.

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