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February 2016 Poplarville 3-Gun match results


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It was a great day any way you looked at it. The weather was fine, the shooting was better and things went off without a hitch. Although the turnout was a lighter than normal, at just eleven shooters, it didn’t diminish the stages one bit. They ranged from short and focused on gun handling, to long and challenging with tons of steel. And best of all, we finally got back in the gully!

Although the shooting was competitive, in the end it wasn’t close. The shooter who won the match managed to shoot the cleanest and most consistent of anyone, and that’s the secret to winning at 3-gun. On top was Will Mullendore, who led the entire field by over 13%. Jason Welch was second and did win 2 of the 4 stages, but it wasn’t enough.

Your match setup crew greatly appreciates the support we received from every shooter in helping to pick up the props as the day wore on. It made the end of the day a snap. And thanks goes to the new shooters as well. We had several new-to-our-range shooters, and we hope they will be back next month.

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