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January 2016 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

The start of the new year brought another great match for the Swamp Eagles. It was a tad cool at match time, but it eventually warmed up and so did the shooting. We had 44 shooters today, which is a decent turnout for us. Not great, but certainly not shabby.

Bob and his crack stage design team crafted 5 stages plus a classifier that seems to be fair but reasonably challenging at the same time. When all the shooting was done, it wasn’t very close for the Overall match title. First Overall and first in Open went to Chris Carney, who dominated the field today with his margin of victory of more than 6.5%. The most noteworthy podium position goes to Jonathan Jones, who seems to have found his groove in Limited. Jonathan, a mere C class shooter, took the Limited division and was third overall, beating out a Master class Limited shooter for the top spot there. In Production, Jason Welch won. Rounding out the winners was Bob Brandt in Single Stack.

We had several new shooters today, and those I talked to seemed to have a great time. We hope that you will come back next month and shoot with us again. We also had great support for tear-down. Thank you to all those shooters that were able to stick around and help. We really appreciate it.

The Swamp Eagles club is moving to a membership based system. Starting next month, you can join the club for $30 per year and receive a $5 discount on every match you shoot for the next year. The per match cost will increase to $20 for non-members and stay at $15 for member. Your membership does not give you access to the range, but it does help support the club in running matches and acquiring more props. Please consider joining, especially if you are going to shoot more than 6 matches per year.

For the match results, click the score computer at the right.

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