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January 2016 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThe first match of the new year is in the books and it went down well. It was chilly all day, with the wind being the biggest problem. But everyone seemed to have a good time. We were done by Noon, and all the props were picked up in near real time.

The stages were quick but challenging today. The total head count for the match was 26, which isn’t too bad for our club. It’s above average, and for such a blustery day, it was real good.

The results today speak volumes. The winner practically lapped the field. He won the match by more than 10%, or 63 match points. Congratulations today go to Corey Yates, Overall winner and Open division winner. The Limited division was taken by Brian Tullos with a great score that beat six of the Open shooters. Justin Myers won Production and was fourth overall. New shooter Jason Henry won Single Stack. Rounding out the podium was Wayne Alcock with his Limited 10 win.

We had several new shooters today and we hope everyone had a good enough time to come back for more. Special thanks to everyone for helping to pick up the props and get the match packed away so we could get out of there early.

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right.Kindle Practiscore


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