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January 2016 Poplarville 3-Gun match results **Practiscores visible**

And, finally, Practiscore is showing the results from the Sunday match. So you can now click the Kindle Fire  below for the details. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

The scores have been posted on this web site, as they are still not appearing on Practiscore. I just have the overall results now. For the scores, click here. 

The match came off without a hitch today, although all week the rain threatened to wash us out again. There were fourteen shooters today and that made for two squads. The stages were especially challenging, and it seemed like everyone was being affected. Although the match winner today tried desperately to let someone else win with a horrible stage 3 score, he still barely squeaked by with the win. Congratulations to survivor Justin Myers, who won by less than 3 match points. In second was Clayton Patterson.

I want to thank everyone for helping tear down the stages today, and most importantly, to thank Clayton Patterson who was kind enough to help with setup on Saturday afternoon. Having this kind of help really takes a load off your elderly match staff.

The Practiscore web site seems to still be suffering from the effects of the attacks that plagued their hosting service for the past 4 days, so the scores are not yet visible. As soon as they are, I will re-post to let everyone know. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kindle Practiscore



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