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December 2015 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

The cancellation of the EAPS resulted in more shooters than normal. Final registration showed 61 shooters. The weather was nice, a bit cool at the start. There were 4 monster stages and one traditional classifier. With the monster stages all being 36+ rounds, several Production shooters decided they wanted to load the mags up and switched to Limited for the day. This allowed more rounds per mag and fewer reloads, but a Minor scoring factor. Still, it was worth it. Most stages were 6 round revolver friendly, so it didn’t break down very well for 10 round mags.

When the final tally was made, there was one shooter who outclassed everyone else. The first place overall and Open winner was Chris Carney. Chris took the match by almost 5% over second place. In the hotly contested Limited division, James May shooting a Production gun in Minor won the honors. Revolver was won by Robert Konrady, with Scooter Jacob taking the L10 win. In Single Stack, Adam Williams cruised to an easy victory. And finally, in Production, those that chose to shoot it with just 10 rounds per mag, Steven Mosher was the best.

Today was definitely not a normal match. The high round count stages were fun and although they didn’t have much technical challenge, they seemed hard enough.  There were plenty of misses, no-shoots and reload fumbles to go around. Thank you to Bob and the entire stage design team for coming up with these great stages.

This match brings another year to a close for the Swamp Eagles so it’s time to say thank you to all the shooters who have supported the club all year long. This has been a great year for participation, with an average turnout of 43 shooters per match.

For the match results, click the score sheet at the right.

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