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December 2015 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionGood weather made for a good turnout. All week, the weatherman promised rain for today, but fortunately, he was wrong. It was dry, cool and a bit windy. No one complained as 26 shooters came out for the final match of the year. Some great stages made for great shooting and great help in tearing down meant we posted results by 12:15 PM or so.

For the final match, it was sort of close, but not really. Our overall match winner was Steven Sanders who also won Limited. Corey Yates was second overall and first in Open. In Production, Chris Brown beat all the others, and the inevitable Bob Brandt once again took Single Stack. And, last but not least was Scooter Jacob winning Limited 10. We had a mix of experienced and new shooters today, and while the stages might have seemed a bit challenging for the new folks, no one said anything bad. So, we’ll take that as a compliment!

Thank you to everyone who came out today. We really appreciate your support!

Remember Pearlington is next week (Dec. 20) and Biloxi on their rescheduled date, two weeks from today (Dec. 27).

For the complete match results, click the score sheet at the right.


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  1. Anonymous
    December 13, 2015 at 5:04 PM

    Thank you Bill, Wayne and Co for another great Match. Happy Holidays to all and to all a goodnight!

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