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October 2015 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

Sometimes, things just go right. Today, we set a record for shooter count in Pearlington. The great weather, no Saints game and the last practice match before the Gator all combined to get 65 shooters out today. There were a few brand new shooters, and we thank you for coming and hope you will return. The idea today was to be a little more challenging than normal. Several of the regulars had shot the Nationals the week before and discovered that we don’t set up stages that are challenging enough. So, today, we kinda pushed it a bit more towards the hard side. The only downside today was the bottleneck that developed around the classifier which resulted in several squads having to wait to shoot there. 

When the dust settled and the last scores were counted, there was a relatively new name at the top of the leader board. The overall winner (for the second month in a row) and Open division winner was Chris Carney. Close on his heels was Corey Yates, who was only 0.6% behind.  Gerwin Henn was the top Limited shooter and was only 1.2% behind Chris overall. That’s quite an accomplishment for Gerwin. In Production, Jason Welch was the winner, with Joel Senia taking Limited 10 honors, Brian Dolly topping the Single Stack group and Gerald Benton rounding out the winners with his stellar Revolver victory. With so many shooters, all of these winners deserve congratulations.

Once again, we have to thank our shooters for both setup and tear-down. Things get picked up in an orderly and timely fashion, although it was mid-afternoon when we actually left the range. If you have the chance to thank the folks responsible for today’s match, please do so. John Nguyen and Bob Brandt were responsible for the stage design, and deserve a special round of thanks.

Good luck and safe shooting to all those competing in the Gator next weekend. Thanks to everyone for making today a record day for the Swamp Eagles!

For the match results, click the score sheet at the right.

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