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October 2015 Poplarville 3-Gun match results


The transition from Summer to Fall was evident today. At the start of the match, it was overcast, breezy and about 64 degrees. By the time the last shot had been fired, it was sunny and mid-70’s. That’s certainly preferable to the brutal heat we have had this year for 3-gun. It was down-right nice today, for a change. With four great stages and great weather, you would have thought more shooters would have turned out, but as it was, there were just 12 competing for the top spot.

The match today was dominated by one shooter. He collected 395.2 of the 400 match points available. With a margin of victory of almost 9%, the overall match winner was

Will Mullendore, who claimed his second 3-gun match of the year, and seeing as how there have only been four, that’s pretty good. Second place went to Justin Myers, who also put considerable distance between himself and the next shooter. There were a few stumbles today, but overall, the shooters seemed to enjoy the stages. There were no long rifle shots, but quite a few off-hand shots at steel from 80 or so yards meant it wasn’t to be taken for granted. And how about that pistol shot at 50 yards or so? Once again, shooting clean on 3-gun proved it’s value, as Will was the only shooter to shoot the match without any penalties.

Thanks for all the help from the shooters getting everything picked up. It allowed us to be out and on the way by 1 PM or so. Let’s see if we can muster up some more support for next month’s match.

Click on the score sheet at the right for the match results.

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