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September 2015 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

We finally got a break on the weather and weren’t sloshing around in the mud. It was a bit warm, but overall, it was a nice day. We had 37 shooters show up, but unfortunately, four of them ended up disqualified.

With the regular old-codger setup crew off for the week, the stages reflected challenging courses, but without a great deal of props. That being said, you had to be on your technical game today to score well.

There is always a winner, and today the overall match winner was Chris Carney in Open. Gerwin Henn ran away with Limited and was a close second overall. In Production, Michael McDonald topped the field, with Brian Dolly winning Single Stack, Gerald Benton winning revolver and last but not least, Bob Brandt scoring the L10 victory.

Thanks go to Bob for the great stages and to the relatively few shooters who did stay to help with the clean-up of the match props. Seems like a lot of folks had to shoot and scoot today…

For the stage scores (no match results), click the score sheets at the right.

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