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August 2015 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

After several months of unrelenting heat, we finally got a break. It wasn’t hot today, but it was wet! In hindsight, we should have just cancelled on the threat of rain, but hope sprung eternal, at least at 9 AM. While we had a big shower before 7 AM, we thought we could get it in. Several shooters made the call to not shoot and left before the first shot. Those that stayed were treated to continuous teasing by the rain and sun gods. It would rain, then stop and look promising. Then it would do it all over again.

By Noon, the shooters were soggy, but the targets were soggier and we just had to call the match. At that point, most people had shot only three stages of the five, so there is no way we could have meaningful match results. The scores only list the stage results, and do reflect that numerous shooters didn’t complete the stage. So, you can take these results with a drop of water. There are no winners, just survivors today.

All shooters who completed the classifier will have their scores sent in to USPSA.

If there was one saving grace, it was the great help we received in tearing down and storing the props. It wasn’t fun with everything wet and muddy, but you got it done. We thank you.

For the stage scores (no match results), click the score sheets at the right.

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