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June 2015 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

Hot didn’t begin to describe the weather today. Unless you want to talk about the humidity. Let’s just say it was survival of the fittest. It was Father’s Day and the turnout was pretty darn good. We had 48 shooters competing and because of the setup and squad size, we moved along pretty well. Most shooters were done by 12:30, even with 6 stages making the match longer than normal. 

When the dust settled, there was one man left standing. And that was none other than John Nguyen, who took the entire match and Open division. In Limited and second overall, was Gerwin Henn, who shot extremely well. In Production, Michael McDonald took the honors, with Robert Settle winning Revolver and Bob Brandt on top in Limited 10.

The staff thanks all the shooters who helped setup and especially, tear down the match today. By the time the shooting was done, the last thing anyone wants to do is sweat some more tearing stuff down and hauling it back to the Connex box. But they did and we get everything picked up in record time.

For the match scores, click the score sheets at the right.

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