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March 2015 Poplarville 3-gun match results

After losing two consecutive months to the weather, we finally got a match done. It was actually pretty nice, all things considered. It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t cold, it didn’t rain (until after we were done), and it was overcast all day so conditions were consistent for everyone.

The turnout was also a pleasant surprise. We had 15 shooter, with three of them being first time shooters to our club. Everyone seems to have a great time, although the stages were surprisingly challenging. Only one shooter completed the entire match penalty free.

So, without further adieu, lets get to the good stuff. The match winner was Will Mullendore. He won three stages and finished second on the fourth, so it really wasn’t in doubt. Justin Myers took second but trailed by over 6.5%.

Thank you to everyone for the help in tearing down the match. As a reminder to everyone, if you are going to pick up brass, make sure you keep only your own. Many of our shooters mark their brass and expect to get it back. Often, though, we don’t get to pick ours up until we finish putting everything up. Once we finally get around to looking for it, often times is has already left the range. If you do collect marked brass, make sure you leave it behind.

For all match scores, click the scoresheet below.

SMSPS scoresheet icon

    March 1, 2015 at 7:13 PM


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