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October 2014 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThe weather was once again a factor, but somewhat unexpectedly this month. While the past weekend was perfect weather at the 3-gun match, this weekend was Summer-like hot. But it didn’t deter the 18 shooters from having a good time today. Once again, the stages pushed everyone to the limit and sometimes beyond. The mix ranges from 8 shots to 36 shots. There was also lots of movement. Challenging, but fair was the best was to describe today’s stages.

After the scores had been tallied, the results spoke for themselves. Our overall winner and Open division winner was John Nguyen. John practically lapped the rest of the field with a margin of victory of over 20%. In Limited, Gerwin Henn was top dog, while Jason Welch beat the other Production shooters. Rounding our the winner’s circle was Wayne Alcock in Limited 10 and Bob Brandt shooting Single Stack. Special mention goes to Keifer Marcus, who beat his Dad for the second day in a row. While officially still a D class Production shooter, Keifer has been progressing quickly and could be another “young gun” before long.

With the Benton clan MIA today, we were a bit shorthanded for setup. However, most everyone pitched in to help get everything constructed and ready to go. Your match staff really appreciates the help.

For the complete match scores, click the score sheet at the right.

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