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June 2014 Pearlington pistol match results

Father’s Day. That one day of the year when we are supposed to get to do what we want. For a few of us, it was shooting. Twenty-five guys came to play and with the setup gods smiling, we were finished shooting by 11:40 AM and packed up by Noon. That was good, because it got a little warm today. Because of the heat, we shot only four stages, but three were 32 rounders with quick action and just a tad of challenge. Well, make that more than a tad of challenge. Close targets and lurking no-shoots tempted fate once too often.

There were no surprises on the leader board today. The overall winner and Open division winner was…Max Michel. Interestingly, Open didn’t have a significant advantage today because of the mostly close targets, but Max still bested everyone else by a full 10%. Capturing the second spot overall was Gerwin Henn, who took Limited by his own 10%. Michael McDonald easily captured Production, although he claimed he sucked today. In fact, he beat 67% of the Open shooters. In Revolver, Kerry Bailey beat our newest wheelgunner, Sean Benton, and Randy Havard won Single Stack.

Your match staff greatly appreciates all the help today. Things were picked up and put up in short order. Thanks also go to the stage designers.

The match scores can be viewed by clicking the score sheet at the right.


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