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April 2014 Poplarville 3-gun match reminder *MATCH CANCELLED*

Dawson Precision

7:00 AM UPDATE – The rain is coming/here. The road is impassible for anything less than 4WD, so we are CANCELLING the match.

5:15 AM UPDATE – It appears we may have dodged much of the rain last night, so we are headed to the range shortly to check on things. We will have an update at 7 AM with the final decision.

Once again, the weather is threatening the 3-gun match. Right now, the chances of rain at match time are around 90%, depending on which weather site you look at. But it was supposed to rain all day today, too, and it hasn’t, yet. So, we are still on, BUT check here before coming out in the morning. If it starts raining tonight, then the road will probably be impassible. We will try to make the call by 7 AM so those that have a long drive can get on the road.

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