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Poplarville 3-gun **UPDATE**

Sunday, 7:00 AM: It is hard to believe, but the road in is actually dry. So, with Karen fizzling, we are on. The radar looks good for at least a few hours, so come on out.

Saturday, 7:40 PM: Just got back from the range. Everything is set up except for stapling up the targets. There was no rain as of 6 PM, so the road is in great shape. However, check back no later than 7 AM for the final decision. We will wait to see what Karen does tonight.

Saturday, 1:15 PM: So far, we have missed any significant bad weather. There was a line of rain that moved through the range a short time ago, but it appears clear for the rest of the day. We will be heading up there around 3 PM to set up stages for tomorrow’s match. At this point, the match is still on.  However, we will not make a final decision until tomorrow morning due to the tropical storm.  We suggest checking here before you leave the house. A final decision will be made no later than 7 AM on Sunday.

Friday, 7:30 AM: The approaching tropical storm may cause us to cancel the match this weekend. We have NOT yet cancelled, but please check back throughout Saturday. We suggest checking here before coming to the range on Sunday for final notice about the match. Even if the storm passes on Saturday, any significant rainfall can make the road in impassible. 

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association (Poplarville) will resume our 3-gun matches on October. We take the summer off because of the heat, and would normally resume in September, but this year, Labor Day weekend coincides with the first Sunday, so we will not shoot then. We plan to shoot our first 3-gun this fall on October 6. If you haven’t shot 3-gun before, then check out what you need to know by clicking here.

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