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February 2013 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson Precision

It turns out 13 was a lucky number today. We had 13 shooters on a very iffy day, but they all lucked out, at least with the weather aspect. The skies threatened all morning, but never delivered the goods and we stayed dry for the most part. There were just a couple of very light 1 minute showers, but we never actually got real rain. We also managed to finish shooting by 11:30 AM, which is unusual, and we were packed and on the way by 12:30 PM. Chances are good that the rain moved in shortly after.

The stages were typical (challenging), and the shooters were typical (no one new), but the winners and divisions were a bit jumbled. Our overall match winner was…

Gerald Benton, who swapped his favorite wheel gun for his trusty old Glock long slide. Shooting in Limited for the first time in a while, he complained all day about how slow he was with it, but his reliability, consistency and good hits paid off in the end. Jason Welch took top spot in Production and second overall, with Wayne Alcock winning Single Stack and Bob Brandt at the top of Limited 10. Click on the score sheet at the right to see all the scores.SMSPS scoresheet icon

Interestingly, last month we struggled with small squads, but today, it worked out well. We had 6 in one and 7 in the other and we just moved through everything without any problems. I guess it was the help of everyone involved today that made it work. And, this was on top of the latest trend at our local matches… Brass collection! Yes, with the industry-wide shortages of all ammunition components, picking up brass is back in fashion. That tends to slow things down, but it didn’t seem to affect much of the match today.

The match directors wish to thank Bob Brandt for his stage design, Bryant and Gerald and their crew for their stage setup and several new walls, and everyone else who made this match come together.

Next month will be the last match of the 2012-2013 membership season. In April, we will renew memberships for another years. This past years has gone pretty well and we have acquired some great new props. We will continue to add to our collection to keep offering the most unique shooting experience in the South. Shooting bays are so… organized. Our free-form range offers us opportunities that most ranges can’t, and I’m not referring to twisted ankles, either. Heck, there isn’t anywhere in our shooting areas that is even level, much less groomed. If you would like us to buy or build props that we currently don’t have, just let Wayne or Bill know.

Don’t forget about the 2013 Mississippi Classic to be held in Jackson on May 17-19. It’s always a great match and is filling up fast. Click here for information about that match.

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