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December 2012 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

The last match of the year was shot on one of the nicest shooting days we have had in a while. The sky was clear and the temperature was pleasant. A total of 12 shooters showed up today to test their skills on 4 stages of rifle, pistol and shotgun. There was no long range rifle shooting today, but it was more than made up for with the huge shotgun stage in the gully. In the end, the results weren’t much of a surprise, though.

Taking top honors was Wayne Alcock, for the fourth time in a row. Jason Wong was somewhat close for second but after that, the rest of the pack trailed by a wide margin. The stage design were challenging in their own right and a few required some fast footwork. The big stage of the day was the 28 round shotgun marathon in the gully. With 28 shots minimum, you needed your best reloading skills to get through that one without hitting triple digits.

Unfortunately, we had two match disqualification today. One occurred when a shooter suffered an accidental discharge while unloading and holstering his pistol. The other occurred when a poor, unsuspecting steel “clay” pigeon was launched into low earth orbit with an inadvertent slug.

Click on the score sheet at the right to see all of the scores.SMSPS scoresheet icon

Much thanks goes to all the shooters who helped to set up and tear down the match. The help today was great.

This is the 3-gun last match of the year but we start again on January 6. Don’t forget the USPSA pistol match next Sunday.

The SMPSA team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  1. buzzworm
    December 2, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    Many thanks to all that came out, and special thanks for all the help with set up and tear down.

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