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November 2012 Poplarville pistol match results

The November match was a great success. First and foremost, a huge thanks goes to Gerald for grading the road in and the area to the west of the parking area. Both were in bad shape and needed attention. This should last for a while unless we get another monsoon. The only weather issues we had today were the stiff winds that caused some targets to blow over on occasion. Otherwise, the temperature was great and we saw no rain.

The five stages represented run and gun (literally), fast draws and fast mag changes, and everything in between. The stages were challenging and thought-provoking. For the day, we had 16 shooters representing 5 of the 6 divisions in USPSA. Only Open was not represented. It was a good mix, although Production represented half the entire match.

The overall match winner was Jeremy Jouette, who has been absent from our match for quite some time. He returned with a vengeance.  He took top Production as well as overall and it wasn’t really that close. Bill Jackson edged Josh Benton by less than 0.5% to take Limited, while Nate Taylor bested the Limited 10 field. Revolver was taken by the Wheel King himself, Gerald Benton. And in another return to fame, Single Stack was dominated by Bryant Willett. Congratulations to all the shooters and thanks for a great match. The complete scores can be seen by clicking the score sheet to the right

As always, we have to recognize the outstanding help we had from the participants during setup and tear down. Also, we had to enlist the duties of several shooters as ROs and we do appreciate your efforts as well. We also recognize Bob and Bryant and most of the Benton clan for their stage designs.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a match without a certain amount of boasting. There is one particular revolver shooter, who shall remain nameless, who is constantly on one of the Junior shooters. While always being encouraging, this senior veteran of USPSA take a certain amount of pleasure from beating this fine young man on a regular basis. He never lets him forget what the old guy can do with just six shots. All I can say is enjoy it while you can. Your best days are well behind you and the Junior will be whooping you on a regular basis in the near future!

If you are looking for something a little different, then try 3-Gun. We shoot a 3-Gun match on the first Sunday of each month, except in the Summer. Give it a try. You might like it.

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