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September 2012 Poplarville 3-gun match results

3-gun has returned to the Poplarville club after a brief break for the Summer. Apparently, someone forgot to tell the organizers it is still Summer! It was hot today.

The weather, the holdiay weekend and possibly even Hurricane Isaac kept a lot of shooters home, so we only have 8 people show up. But that didn’t put a damper on the shooting action. It seemed there lots of cobwebs and rust all over the shooters today because no one seemed to do it perfectly. In the end, it was Wayne Alcock taking top honors over Mike Christensen but only by less than 4 match points, or around 1%. For all the scores, click the score sheet to the right.

For some reason, the middle distance shooting challenged the shooters more than expected. Lots of shots were taken with the dreaded silence followed the crack of the rifle. Others learned that you just can’t miss fast enough with the shotgun to make up for anything. Having to reload one shell can cost upwards of 5 seconds (or more) and yet, so many continue to blaze away with the idea that you just can’t miss with a shotgun. Well, you can and you do.

Overall, the match went smoothly and the help setting up and tearing down is greatly appreciated. We had one shooter who was DQed on the first stage, but he stuck around for the rest of the match and helped paste and reset targets. We appreciate that, too. The range didn’t suffer too much from the recent hurricane, but the ruts in the pit are getting deeper and deeper. We hope to have a work day out there in the next month or two to clean up and grade everything back to ‘normal’.

We will be shooting 3-gun on the first Sunday until next June. Come on out next month and bring your buds!

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