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March 2012 SMPSA 3-gun match results (**Updated**)

**Results updated** Mike Christensen’s score for the hilltop stage was corrected, because of a scoring error he wasn’t given credit for hitting the bonus target. This affected the overall scores. It has been corrected and the new results posted.

Great weather produced a great turnout. We had 22 shooters today, which is a high for quite some time. Thanks to all the shooters that came out today to shoot some really challenging stages. The hilltop proved to be a challenge to over half the shooters, who timed out and were unable to complete the course. Long distances are challenging enough, without the spring loaded platform. It actually appeared quite challenging, but if you didn’t rush, it wasn’t all that bad. Many shooters succumb to the lure of the bonus 500 yard shot. If you hit it, you scored a 25 second deduction to your stage time, but far too many competitors spent way more than the 25 seconds banging shot after shot after shot at that really small target. It ended up costing them big time.

Surprisingly, there were tons of penalty seconds added to many shooters scores. There were 3472.50 seconds of penalty time awarded today. Not good, guys.

Technically, we shot a 4 stage match today. However, towards the end of the day, there was some discussion about dropping the last stage. There was not unanimous agreement, so 8 of the 23 shooters DID actually shoot the Gerald House #2. So, there will be two separate scores posted. The official match will include all four stages, and if you didn’t shoot stage 4, then you earned 0 points for that. The scores posted here reflect all four stages. I will be posting separate results for the 3 stages later on. Those scores will be completely unofficial but will reflect everyone shooting the same stages. You can treat this set of results as you see fit.

And now, on to the results

For the official match, Bryant Willett took first by a wide margin. Gordon Lee placed second, and Gerald Benton took third. Click on the score sheet (at right) to see all the results.

Please check back in a day or so for the 3 stage results and more commentary from today’s match.

Thank you to all the shooters, and especially to those that helped to set up or tear down the stages. We couldn’t do it without you.

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