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February 2012 SMPSA pistol match results

The match scores have been updated to reflect a mistake in the classifier score for Bo Gray. The match results did not change in Production division, but the percentages did.

If you wussed out and didn’t show up because it was “too cold”, you should be ashamed. It was a bit breezy, but by the time the Sun came up, it had warmed up to almost 40° and by the time the match ended, it was 50°. We did have 17 shooters who did think it would be worth it and we had a great match. We shot 5 stages, with lots of steel and the new MGM Whirly-Gig target (aka: Texas Star).

Things went pretty smoothly with no real hiccups in the stages or the scores. There were no bottlenecks or DQ’s. So, it was a great day. Let’s get to the results.

The overall match winner and Open winner was Max Michel, who cruised to an easy win. First Limited and second overall was Cameron Thompson. The Production winner as Bo Gray and Wayne Alcock took Single Stack. Click the score sheet to see the match results.

It was actually a bit boring today, with not much to write about or needle. So, I’ll just thank all the shooters who helped set up, and to tear down. We really cannot do it without you. Planning is one thing, but the actual work can’t be done by just Wayne and myself, so we really appreciate the efforts of those shooters.

The next day pistol match will be March 11, 2012.

If you can make it out to the range next Saturday, February 18, we are having a special work-day. We will be cleaning up, straightening up, and sprucing up. If you come, we will be there about 9 AM. Bring work gloves, a leaf rake and a few trash bags.

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