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February 2012 SMPSA 3-gun match results

The results are in! We had 13 shooters today (on SuperBowl Sunday) competing over 4 tough stages. The weather was a bit iffy in the morning, and the drive up the hill was a challenge for the early birds, but everyone made it in OK. It ended up a pretty nice day, weather-wise, too.

Before the scores, a brief explanation of the scoring. Each stage is scored by raw time plus penalty time. The shooter with the lowest total time is awarded 100 stage points. Every other shooter earns a percentage of the 100 points based on their performance, compared to the top shooter. The shooter’s total time is divided into the top shooter’s total time to get a percentage of the total available points.

The results aren’t too much of a surprise, but it was close. Our winner was Wayne Alcock, but only by a hair over Cam Thompson. Wayne edged Cam by only 0.63 match points. From there, the gap starts to widen. Joe Jones took third and Lawson, with a big win on stage 2, was fourth. Click on the score sheet (at right) to see all the results.

Thank you to all the shooters, and especially to those that helped to set up or tear down the stages. We couldn’t do it without you.

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