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In case you hadn’t heard, the USPSA election for president went to a runoff, and in a bit of a surprise, Phil Strader beat out Michael Voigt for President. To see the results with the numbers click here.

In other USPSA news, the board of directors has voted on new rule changes to take effect in January of 2013. Rules for Limited guns are to change slightly (click here) along with similar changes to Limited-10 (click here). All this really does is remove the requirement for manufacturers to produce a certain number of guns before it could be legal to shoot in the Limited and L-10  divisions.

However, the proposed changes for Production and Single Stack are causing a bit of a stink among those shooters. Specifically, the USPSA board of directors voted to require that, “Each magazine must be contained individually within the magazine pouch. Magazines may not be retained through magnetic means”.

Additionally, in Production, the board voted to require that, “Minimum pull in Production will be 3 pounds for the first shot”. This will have a big impact on the striker fired gun shooters who have modified their trigger pull. For more information on what the people affected by this are thinking, click here.

Remember, these rules aren’t scheduled to take effect until January 1, 2013, so there is still time to make your feelings known. For the complete minutes of the board meeting click here.

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